My name is Péricles Lopes Gomide Filho, I am 38 years old, I am Brazilian and I was born and alive in Porto Alegre, a city of a million and half of inhabitants that was headquarters of the World Social Forum in the first years of the century XXI.
Porto Alegre is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul the most southern of Brazil.
I am historian with specialization in contemporary history, but now work in the professional and thecnical education area.
I have two daughters: Julia with 9 years and Maria Eduarda with 6 years.
I am modeller since 1985, initially it was plastic modeller, however enter 1989 to 1993 was devoted to do paper models or epoxy putty in function of having a great difficulty in obtaining plastic kits in Brazil



Now I am just paper modeller, with special interest in aviation in the scale 1/48 and 1/100 and in the science fiction in all their slopes.
The passion for the great Wing Commander saga began in the beginning of the decade of 90. My father bought an IBM PC 486 and after having seen a program of TV that had a report on the "new" computer games I decided that one of the first games that would buy was Wing Commander and Prince of Persia. Nor I need to say that the Prince of Persia was abandoned, I almost have all of the original games (except for Armada it that is little known in Brazil) and he always wanted to have models of the ships of those games.
In 1992 I got to build several models in plastic and epoxy of Dralthi, of Scimitar and of Hornet, unhappily those models were sold or gift to friends.
In 2004 I rediscovered the paper models and soon gave light the that will, I built a model of Hornet in the scale 1/100 and later I made others that today are available for download in this page. My objective is to do all of the ships of that great space saga, I hope to count with her help.
You criticize, suggestions and ideas or simply if you liked my work can be done through of that email:


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