3D Model : Kruer & Scheherazade
Textures: Kruer & Scheherazade
Source: Wing Commander 3D
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

The A-17 it is one of the most classic ships of the games of the series Wing Commander, she had his debut in the game Wing Commander 2, Broadsword was developed as a torpedo-bomber of attack capable to carry the whole armament of the Terran Confederation in terms of missiles and bombs, besides having formidable self-defenses in the form of three torrets covering all of the flanks of the ship, the A-17 it is operated by three crew members: pilot, operator of armaments and in a back cockpit the torrets operator.
It was very used during the war Kilrath and after her for the Free Republic of Land Reich for the Union of the Border Worlds and other smaller potencies. the A-17 it was substituted in the front line by the Confederation for bombers Longbown and for Devastator. A-17 Broadsword Attack Bomber. (Adapted of the text found in the ship database from Wing Commander Combat Information Center)

Construction Notes:

Note: The Pictures is a Broadsword in Privatter Scheme
In the next weeks i'm updated pictures with Broad in WC2 Color


The files come with four pdf’s whit models from different scales: 1/100 and 1/200 with versions with fold lines and without fold lines.
This PDO’s open only in Pepakura Viewer 2.0 The Broad is a intermediate skill assembly.
In the file exist a two color schemes: Privatter in blue and WC2 in green scheme.



This model is totally free: for modifications or distribution of this model
among the contact with author to obtain permission, it is prohibited
the commercialization.