3D Model : Unknow author.
Textures: Unknow author.
Source: Wing Commander X Wing Aliance Mod
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

The Drayman-class transport is one of the true workhorses of the human sphere of influence since at least 2649. Their moduler design and simple construction allow for easy conversion for use in a number of valuable roles:

Freighter/Tanker: The standard Drayman transports carries a crew of sixteen, and are used to carry men and equipment throughout the Confederation.

Courier: The Terran Confederation uses fast, lightened Draymans to carry battle plans back and forth from the front lines. This proved almost disasterous during Operation Thor's Hammer, when the Kilrathi captured the TCS Falstaff on the ground at Goddard. Pilots from the TCS Tiger's Claw managed to intercept and destroy the courier before it could be returned to Kilrah.

Troopship: The Terran Confederation Marine Corps often uses Drayman transports rather than more valuable assault transports. The troopships carry one hundred marines and a crew of twenty-five. Noted Drayman troopships include the TCS General Powell, which participated in the attack on the Sivar-Eshrad ceremony at Firekka. Ten Drayman troopships escaped the G'wriss System carrying 1,000 marines during Custer's Carnival.

Hospital Ship: Draymans converted as hospital ships served during the 2654 outbreak of Watson's Disease in the Dakota System, carrying patients out-system for treatment.

Draymans are also available to the civilian market. Carrying a crew of twenty, they are generally considered a step up from privately owned four-man Galaxy merchantmen. Companies and individuals make use of lightly-defended Draymans throughout undisputed space.

(Adapted of the text found in the ship database from Wing Commander Combat Information Center)

Construction Notes:

The Drayman is a simple kit to build, because a many modular parts, this model is ideal for beginners.

This scale is very close to 1/300, the zip file is attached with three files: a pdf no lines version, pdf lines version, and a pepakura viewer(PDO) file for assembly reference.



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