3D Model : Unknow author.
Textures: Unknow author.
Source: Privateer The Reckoning Mod for Freelancer
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

The fighter F-57 Sabre, it was developed during the Kilrath War, to operate and later to supplant the variants of the heavy figher Scimitar. It is a heavy fighter for atmospheric operations and in the deep space, that four-engined plane in spite of the size was a formidable combat opponent counting with heavy cannon armament and a great varieties of hard points, operating the whole tactical armament of the Confederation practically in terms of missiles could also be adapted to operate with torpedos and space mines…
With the coming of the Free Republic of Landreich, still during the war as a desertion of the Terran Confederation plentiful military material fell in the new government’s hands among those eight complete squadrons of Sabres that were used together with the one of the Confederation in important battles to the end of the Kilrath War…
The Sabre continued in use during the decade of 70 for the forces of the Confederation, especially the one of planetary defense, but it was substituted by fighters of new generation as Hellcat, Arrow and Phanter. (Adapted of the text found in the ship database from Wing Commander Combat Information Center)

Construction Notes:

F-57 was extracted of a mod for the game Freelancer, the textures of the model are not of the navy of the Terran Confederation in the traditional Green and Gray, but in the colors of the Republic Free from Landreich The model is not very easy of building, therefore he has few groups modulated in function that the ship has many forms curves and several angle breaks.
But with some patience and care is finished…
The only details the more inserted in the model was the pilot’s complete cockpit and landing gear.
The model went reescale to the 1/200.
The file Zip of the model contains a version in PDF without lines, and other in PDO (it can Only be open in Pepakura Viewer) with lines…

Assembly Pics:


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