3D Model : Gaia Industries
Textures: Gaia Industries
Source: Wing Commander Arena Source Game Files
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

The F-54 Rapier II Blade, is a replace solution the aging CF-117 in 2654 and immediately made an impact: Dragon, Bandit, maverick, Maniac, Prankster... a disproportionate number of the war's top twenty aces served with Rapier II squadrons. The Blade is the modern version of that famed ship, updated by fire through its service against the Nephilim. The modern version of Rapier is a huge size from fighter ship, but carried heavy armament, in internal torpedo and missile bays with rotate hard points. The airframe is used for another two subclass of fighters: The Vanguard and Cavalier(Adapted of the text found in the Arena game manual and post in WC CIC Forum from Wing Commander Combat Information Center)

Construction Notes:

Exist in Zip file two PDF versions of Rapier and one PDO locked for reference assembly The PDO model open only in Pepakura Viewer 3.0. The model represents F-54 Rapier Blade in standard colors. The model besides a few pieces is for a intermediate skill modeler and this scale is 1/100.



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