3D Model : Steele
Textures: Steele
Source: http://wcmdf.solsector.net/
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

F-109 is one of the most modern fighters to service of the Navy of the Confederation, drawn to operate with missiles and cannons, he has maneuverability in spite of having medium protection.Vampire was drawn in response to several experience of combat of the forces of the Confederation during the Kilrath war and the conflicts of Independence of the Union of Border Worlds. The concept was to build a small fighter to have great manobralidade in the vacuum, to operate in dense fields of asteroids or derelict. With a heavy load of weapons concentrated in cannons in the wings and in the nose one more pod of missiles transform Vampire in a lethal platform of weapons.


Construction Notes:

The Vampire it is a model of relatively complicated construction, with some pieces of difficult formatting.
A lot of attention in the hour of building the fuselage.
The only customization is hard cardboard for make undercarriage.
The file of the model accompanies PDF’s with lines and without lines and painted flaps…



This model is totally free: for modifications or distribution of this model
among the contact with author to obtain permission, it is prohibited
the commercialization.