3D Model : Eder Vieito
Textures: Eder Vieito
Source: Wing Commander Standoff Project
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

Twin-engined Venture-class corvettes remain the archetypical Terran Confederation corvette to this day. From the end of the Vega Campaign to the opening moves of Operation Backlash, Ventures have served in patrol, reconaissance, VIP transport and escort roles. When assigned to border patrol duties, a Venture may remain on station in space for two or three years without returning to base.

The standard Venture crew consists of three officers and six enlisted men -- plus cabins for several VIPs. The bridge crew of five includes the Captain, First/Helm Officer, Sentry, Astrogator and Damage Control Officer. The weapons are run by three gunners. An engineer, positioned amidship, rounds out the crew. Owing to their small size and general similarity to bombers, corvettes are often commanded by a Space Forces ratings rather than Naval officers.

Notable Venture-class corvettes include the TCS John Bunyan and TCS Johnny Greene, which helped perform the initial reconaissance of Vukar Tag, and the TCS Marciano, which was one of the first responders to the Goddard disaster.

Source: Wing Commander CIC Ship Database

1/100 Scale Pics:
Construction Notes:

The model of the Venture is intermediate difficulty, the modeler must pay attention in the assembly of the guns that are delicate. The zip package comes with four files: two PDF with lines, without lines, mini mode suitable for wargames and dioramas and a PDO encrypted (which can only be opened in Pepakura Viewer 2.0) to serve as a guide for fitting ...




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