3D Model : Origin
Textures: Origin
Source: Wing Commander IV Source 3D Files
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

The Hermes Assault Shuttle it is one of the ugliest ships already pieces in service in the forces of the Confederation, that small ship without atmospheric capacity was developed to work in fields of asteroids in mining activities. The Union of Border Worlds uses that ship type in great scale, as well as the Navy of the Confederation mainly in assaults and approaches. Hermes is indicated for this purpose in function of having many universal airlock and to be extremely resistant to impacts.

Construction Notes:

The Assault Shuttle it is a model relatively complex, although with some care it can be built in few hours.
The most complex forms are in the head.
The textures are "environmental" or be has a darker side why the 3D original wanted to give a light idea (as of a star)
beating of one on the sides of the hull. The model is in the scale 1/100.



This model is totally free: for modifications or distribution of this model
among the contact with author to obtain permission, it is prohibited
the commercialization.