Wing Commander Combat Information Center
The best place in internet for information about Wing Commander Universe
HCl's Wing Commander Editing Site
The great page about editing of Wing Commander Games, essential for make mods and paper models.
Wing Commander Standoff Projectff Project
The great mod for Wing Commander Prophecy, provides for new generations a real experience in Wing Commander I and II universe..
Wing Commander Saga,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
Another fine project mod based on Freespace 2 Engine, some interesting ships and game play based in Wing Commander III and IV era.
Wing Commander 3D
Excellent colection of 3D models for games Wing Commander in useful formats.
Pepakura Designer
Japanese software for unfolding 3D models and make a paper model kit. This Viewer version is necessary for open some models in this site.
Necessary tool for open some files here...
Necessary tool for open some files here...
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Necessary tool for open some files here...
Paper Modelling Sites and Forums
Zealot Card Model Forum
International paper model forum, whith a big SF section...
Home of Péricles Models and other great paper models...
Project Space Dockk
Brazilian SF Forum whith a paper models section...
The Lower Hudson Valley
Paper Model Giftshop
Great place whith tons of sf paper models and real space exploration for download.
Paper Starships Forum
Forum about SF paper models (mainly Homeworld ships).
Smaaaaaaaaaaaalll models very small and some downloads (no SF intens)
SF Paper Craft Gallery
Japan paper model page whith great models from Star Trek and Star Wars movies...
Robotech World
Argentinean site with a beautiful collection of models of the cartoon TV series Robotech / Macross.
Papel MOD
Brazilian site with beautiful replicas of cars and airplanes (obviously Brazilian).
Another fine blog with models of very interesting cars among them a Ford Maverick V8, Dodge Charger and Toleman TG 184 (The first car of F1 that the Airton Senna competed)
Jay's Box of Sci Fi Card Toys
Many models of SF, of several TV shows and movies...
Péricles Stuff
My web personal blog, in him I make small reports of the assemblies that I do, not just of models Wing Commander, but of others that project or I build...
Aliens Papercraft
Great place whith great models from Aliens movies and other models...
Card Model FAQ
For Begginers...
Other Modelling Sites
IPMS Porto Alegre
The IPMS chapter in my city that it supports the paper modelling...
Starship Modeller
Specialized place in web for for space and SF modellers in all midias.