3D Model : Steele
Textures: Steele
Source: http://wcmdf.solsector.net/
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

F-108 is considered one of the best fighters of new generation to service of the Confederation, like Vampire it is extremely agile, however still faster and with capacity to carry a great variety of weapons. In spite of his main function to be the defense of the fleet, Phanter can be used in attack missions, although their screenings are still weaker than the one of Vampire.Source: Wing Commander Combat Information Center

Construction Notes:

The Phanter is a easy model tu build, but It is necessary some attention in the hour of building the area of the cockpit and the superior pod, modeleers with intermediate habilities can building in some hours that model.
Notice that in the pictures the prototype is with an incomplete customization:
The landing gear that was not finished.
The file of the model accompanies PDF’s with lines and without lines and painted flaps.




This model is totally free: for modifications or distribution of this model
among the contact with author to obtain permission, it is prohibited
the commercialization.