3D Model : Eder Vieito
Textures: Eder Vieito
Source: Wing Commander Standoff Project
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

The Clydesdale was the heavy transport ship of the Confederation during the first stages of Kilrath war. Despite its robust appearance antiquated that the cargo ship, was to feature, cope with major damage to combat and a large carrying capacity despite its size. The "clyds" were developed before the war for the civil market transport, with a great capacity for modular expansion. (various sections can be coupled by a system of rings, leaving the ship larger or more powerful engines with the exchange of switching up the entire rear section).
During the war the Confederation Navy used the "Clyd" to transport between capital ships, where the default was the Type I with 73 meters and two cargo bays, a "Clyd' could carry 200 tonnes of equipment, or four disassembled Rapiers , Or 185 passengers. Many were used for clandestine operations, as other ships of assault and dropships, but nevertheless the venerable ship shone in the field of transport, linking naval bases and outposts ...
After the war a large surplus of Clyds was sold to other minor powers like Free Republic of Landreich and Union of Border Worlds, as well as for civilian users and companies for exploration and mining that inhabit the edges of the Confederation of border areas and in desmilitarized territories.

1/200 Scale Pics:
Construction Notes:


The model of the Clydesdale is from the venerable Standoff mod for the Wing Commander Prophecy, this great work of Eder Vieito, has a different interpretation a little more of the forms of "Clyd" regarding the ship's original game Wing Commander II, leaving more "clean" and longer. The model comes in a supercombo of three scales: 1 / 1000, 1 / 700 and 1 / 200. It has a mediun level of difficulty.

1/1000 Scale Pics:

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