3D Model : Unknow Author
Textures: Unknow Author
Source: Homeworld Fleet Action - Wing Commander MOD
Paper model: Péricles Gomide Filho

Technical and Historical Notes

Dralthi Mk IV represents a very big technological jump of Kilrath, in the objective of looking for a fighter of lethal combat maintaining the simplicity of production of other models of ships at the same time Kilrath.
For the first time Kilrath used the asymmetry concept in an airframe with the only objective of could increase more weapons in a small structure.
Dralthi Mk IV is literally a flying cannon, but in atmospheres of oxygen the ship needs a lot of energy to be pilot by being unstable. In the space in a skilled pilot's hands is lethal...

Construction Notes:

How to Make



The model of Dralthi IV is quite simple of being built, for being constituted in her majority of right angles easy of be bent, however the only care adult is with the opening of the rift for the central pilon that shelters the fuselagems and the wings, that should be gluing in the same with Cianocrilate glue.



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