How To Make - Dralthi IV

General Tips, Material and Tools

Impression Tips:

For better results to print in a printer paint jet or laser in the largest possible resolution. The model in the scale 1/200 is configured to be printed in A4.


The best paper is Opaline or Filecoat whith thickness 160 g/m2 or 180g/m2.

You eat photographic they can also be used, but reminding that should be gluing with CA glue.

Necessary tools

Cutting matt (optional), normal cutter, cutter Xacto type, tip scissors and seam scissors, metal ruler, CA glue (optional), white PVC glue, spatula for demarcation (to do fold lines), tweezers, pens and pencil to color corners or white lines.


Assembly Pieces
All pieces cut.
All pieces building.

Step 1:

Folding and glue the cockpit piece, careful whith edges, and remind that the bass part and concave.

Step 2:

Fold and glue the rear part of cockpit, careful whith the form and fits for front cockpit.

Step 3:

Gluing two pieces of cockpit.

Step 4:

Gluing center ring of engine.

Step 5: Fold and glue the front of engine.

Step 6:

Fold and glue IN FIRST the exaustor engine piece.

Step 7:

Fold and glue the rear piece of engine, not building and gluing the front part.

Step 8:

Glue the exaust piece in rear engine block.

Step 9:

Glue engine ring with front piece block.

Step 10:

Glue engine rear block whith engine ring.

Step 11:

Fold and glue central pylon.

Step 12:

Carefully make a hole to introduce the central pylon in the front block of the engine.


Ready the hole the result will be that:

Step 13:

Carefully make a hole to introduce the central pylon in the cockpit fuselage.

Ready the hole the result will be that:

Step 14:

Glue and configure parts as in the picture.

Step 15:

Fold and glue small pieces.

Step 16:

Fold and glue cannon piece.

Step 17:

Fold and glue cannon cover.

Step 18:

Fit cannon piece in engine block.

Step 19:

Fit cannon tip.

Step 20:

Glue cannon cover.

Step 21:

Glue engine fins.

Step 22:

Glue engine fins.

Step 23:

Glue fuselage estructures.

Step 24:

Fold and glue cockpit cannons box.

Step 25:

Make cockpit cannons pipes.


Step 26:

Glue pipes in a box and box in fuselage.

Step 27:

Fold and glue wings carenages.

Step 28:

Fold and glue wings. Careful whith edges and form.

Step 29:

Glue wing carenages.

Step 30:

Glue the wings in the extremities of the central pylon according to the picture.


Step 31:

Fold and glue, pipe of wing cannons.

Step 32:

Glue cannon in the bases.

Step 33:

Fit wing cannons.

Step 34:

(Optional) Make a display according to the picture.

And now the Dralthi IV completed!
And now the Dralthi IV completed!