This space offers replicas in paper of the ships of the great saga Wing Commander, this great game of space combat that it revolutionized the world of the games, with their innovative ideas and attractive history.
The models that they are offered here for download, healthy relatively simple of they be built and they can be printed in any printer.
Our objective is to offer all of the ships of all of the games Wing Commander in constant scales. Designers in 3D their models are also very welcome for if they transform in physical replicas, in case he acts interest uses my contact section.

News From Paper Commander:
  • 16/01/11: Thank's for Papercommander remenber, website of the Year 2010 again
  • 10/04/11 With great pleasure Papercommander introduce a new modeller in the shipyard: Thunderchild!!! Welcome Pierre!!!
  • 26/04/11 A huge update many WC Armada, 3 and 4 Confederation ships: Arrow, F-107 Dragon, Banshee, Tallhalassee cruiser and Yorktown Class
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